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Packing Tips & Tricks

Packing Tips & Tricks

Packing is one of the most important steps for relocation as it happens so often that something gets lost or broken on the way. You won’t experience that if you use some simple tricks.

If you decide to pack the belongings yourself, you should know that working with most moving companies you will get boxes and other packing supplies. Here at Chicago Movers Near Me, we’ll deliver them just at your doorstep. Before you start packing, check some tips to make the process quick and stress-free!

Prep process.

In case if you use your boxes, consider the size as if it’s too big, it may be quite problematic to carry. Try this trick to check if the box is too heavy: push it with your thumb and in case it doesn’t move empty some space.  

Make sure you’ve got some markers. The best way is to mark boxes with one color per room. Imagine how easy it will be to identify where to put each when a moving company will bring them to the new place!

Don’t mix fragile things with books or equipment not to risk their safety. It is also true for mixing oily or colored liquids in case some of them get opened.

Packing tricks:

  • Pack by category. Heavy things and books first, then bed sheets and clothes. After pack vessels and other fragile things, and the last is the furniture and electronic goods.
  • Take special care of your most valuable belongings, like watches, jewelry, documents, and cash. Prepare a separate box and folders and keep them with you. Don’t forget about medicine! Use a separate box for them, too.
  • Another good trick to make your relocation nicer is to make a special box with everything you will need on day one. Mark it and make sure to load last. It will save you precious time later.
  • Make sure you fill all the empty spots in boxes with something soft, some paper or bubble wrap. It works not only for fragile things but for any type of them.
  • Choose which clothes should go to garment bags, the rest pack in suitcases and travel bags you have, not to move them empty.


If you have no time for packing yourself, you can always use the packing service of your moving company, like here at Chicago Movers Near Me. Our experts will do it cautiously and safely.

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