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Practical Tips For Moving With Kids (In Chicago)

Practical Tips For Moving With Kids (In Chicago)

Relocation may sound like a challenge even for adults, can you imagine what it seems like for kids?

  • If your kids are too young, they may not know what moving means. If they are school-age, they probably will be afraid of it as by nature kids are quite conservative. It means that you should take your kids’ concerns and questions very seriously and show it answering all of them. Explaining how the process will look like will help them accept the situation. Show the advantages of the new house for kids, like their new rooms and what they may want to do there, like putting a poster or a new toy. Try to make it a dialogue so the kid is involved with what he or she may gain from the relocation.
  • Do you have plenty of time before moving? Involve your kids in arranging their new room! Or even let them participate in choosing walls color or curtains. You can make a big project together and revise it at a family dinner.
  • In case your new neighborhood is close to some park or Aqua center your children like, don’t forget to mention it as well as a new playground close by. If you move inside the city, spend a day to visit the new district and show them around.
  • If it’s not an urgent relocation and you can afford to plan it comfortably, consider big events in your kids’ schedule. Use school holidays if possible and try to avoid any big events.
  • Let your kids help you with organizing a moving sale. They can label your belongings and decide with you which to sell and to keep.
  • Every kid has his favorite toy so make sure you prepare a special bag or a backpack with it. You can also use it for other things to entertain your kid during traveling.

What Chicago may offer to a family with kids?

The first motto of Chicago means ‘City in a Garden’, it’s known for numerous parks and nature areas which are extremely important for any person, but especially for families with kids. What can be better than a day off outdoors for a picnic? Apart from amazing parklands, Chicago suburbs are families-friendly and offer schools and daycare centers.

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